The 45th President of the United States. Today, we’ll choose the next President of the United States.  This election has been particularly interesting, as people feel strongly about their chosen candidate and the associated platform.  What we tend to forget is that the world is watching… The Global Stage In the two weeks leading up […]

Building Your Goals with “Life Happens” Back-Up Plans. There are diet products, beauty products, even books that promise you “the answer” and usually it is an easy multi-step process that gets you to your goal.  The marketing for these efforts is always optimistic: “You too can do this! It’s simple! It’s fast (and fairly) painless.” […]

How Business and Life Work in Mysterious Ways. Lessons in business are everywhere.  This week, I found them on my iPod.  As I’ve shared before, I am a huge fan of U2.  I adore the band’s music, creativity and social activism.  I never realized that their songs are also lessons in business and life for […]

What’s the use in running if you’re on the wrong road? A few years ago, I was hired by a company (let’s call it “Acme”) to improve profitability.  At the start of any project, my colleagues and I always do a Discovery Process, where we split up and interview people at all levels in the […]

A Life Lesson Delivered Over Lunch.  Recently, I met with a client, who was nearing retirement.  As our coaching relationship was coming to a close, “Bob” and I had a final lunch to celebrate endings and new beginnings. Bob was reflecting on his successes and failures during his incredible career.  Over our entrees, I asked […]

We See And Hear You…Even When You Think We Aren’t Listening. Last week, I needed to overnight a client some documents.  So, I ventured to my local FedEx Kinkos.  Little did I know that I was walking into a live management demonstration for “How to alienate staff, drive away customers and tank profits.” First, the […]

What’s the worth of the quiet, steady majority? Extremes are often useful to create distinction between choices. Stay or Leave? Keep it or give it up? Invest or walk away?  Lately, it feels like those that focus on extremes can alienate, create estrangement, isolation and even hostility.  Examples of negative extremes are everywhere like in […]