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Creating Partnership Success

The Critical Element for Building Successful Partnerships. In my line of work, I see the best and worst of business.  I celebrate my clients’ successes, which is my absolute favorite thing.  (No surprise there.)  I am also beside my clients in some of their darkest moments – helping them pick up the pieces of ideas, […]

Realistic Optimism

Building Your Goals with “Life Happens” Back-Up Plans. There are diet products, beauty products, even books that promise you “the answer” and usually it is an easy multi-step process that gets you to your goal.  The marketing for these efforts is always optimistic: “You too can do this! It’s simple! It’s fast (and fairly) painless.” […]

Baby in a box with setup disk and instructions

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Instructions!

Why Fire, Ready, Aim is a NOT a Strategy. As the parent of a two-year old, I’ve come to realize that raising a child and running a business have quite a lot in common.  They are unpredictable, frequently keep me up at night and have caused me to question my sanity at times. The most […]