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Three Tips to Boost Your Career

Reminders of what your Mom taught you. Vital Smarts Research recently gave six tips for overcoming career limiting habits. Since I am always looking for new ways of helping people grow – here are three of my favorites: Hang with the hard workers Control your workspace Put skin in the game Don’t these translate well […]

Bias for Action or Bias for Outcome?

Harnessing the Power of “Think Time” There is a pace that envelops us; energized by texting, social media and web meetings that expects a fast response.  Tech companies, biotech companies, service companies and even sales professionals in lagging markets seem to value response time over most any other activity.  Are the packed schedules, full of […]

Realistic Optimism

Building Your Goals with “Life Happens” Back-Up Plans. There are diet products, beauty products, even books that promise you “the answer” and usually it is an easy multi-step process that gets you to your goal.  The marketing for these efforts is always optimistic: “You too can do this! It’s simple! It’s fast (and fairly) painless.” […]

Extremes or the Middle — Where is Your Attention?

What’s the worth of the quiet, steady majority? Extremes are often useful to create distinction between choices. Stay or Leave? Keep it or give it up? Invest or walk away?  Lately, it feels like those that focus on extremes can alienate, create estrangement, isolation and even hostility.  Examples of negative extremes are everywhere like in […]

Got Four Minutes?

 Improve Your Emotional Intelligence in Four Minutes a Day. I have recently been reading a book about Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Lest you think this is one of those “woo-woo” books, let me share with you it is written by Chade-Meng Tan, an engineer who likes have proof for everything. Tan’s book has created a stir […]

Your Tribe – A Place to Thrive

Is Your Tribe Creating Clarity or Emotional Chaos? At some point in our lives, we become part of a new social group, commonly referred to as “tribes” thanks in part to King and Logan’s best-selling book “Tribal Leadership.”  We join new groups, clubs, and new companies.  In some cases, it feels like the right decision […]

Why “Communication” Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

As a business coach, the most consistent staff comment I hear is “Communication is lousy here.” Communication complaints push executives’ hot buttons.  The common leadership response sounds like:  “We have defined our [insert: vision, strategy, plan, project goals, mission, etc.] in detail.  We used diagrams, pictures and even catchy phrases.  Even then, the staff still doesn’t remember […]