ALTUS is a new kind of consulting and business coaching company.  As experienced entrepreneurs and executives, we know how to run successful businesses – because we’ve done it.  ALTUS blends business savvy and experience to create practical solutions that deliver REAL change.

What’s Different  

Our goal is to put ourselves out of a job.  Yep, you read that right.  We are dedicated to building our clients skills and then getting out of the way.  So, clients reap the benefits of our work looooong after ALTUS has left the building.

Our Clients   

ALTUS specializes in working with companies in transition – like businesses that are going through rapid growth, have gone through re-organizations, mergers / acquisitions or significant industry shifts caused by the recession.

What We Do

Clients hire us to guide them through change management, business strategy development, branding & positioning, organizational design, and building strong cultures.  That’s where the business savvy, experience and practical solutions parts come into play.

The Result

All of that adds up to – Proud Clients.   ALTUS clients tell us that their businesses have grown, increased their value, are more profitable – and most importantly – have the confidence to make their next big leap.  Not too shabby, if we say so ourselves!

Are you ready for your next big leap?  Call us today at (888) 682-1768.


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